The power of podcasting in marketing: How it benefits companies

The digital world has long overcome the lack of content. There is so much information on the web that users don’t always have enough time to check them all. It is therefore the task of every company to deliver relevant content to its target group without spending a lot of time.

People want to get the information they care about while they’re driving, working out at the gym, or walking in the park. However, that’s not the only reason companies are making podcasting a part of their digital marketing strategy. Continue reading this post to learn what a podcast is, its functions, its practical value to the business, and how to start a podcast.

What is a podcast in simple terms?

Podcasts are a new media segment in the format of audio programs. The main differentiator of podcasts is that people can choose topics of their choosing and listen to a program at a time that is convenient for them. In addition, podcasts are often listened to as a recording and are available in very different formats:

  • audio blogs;
  • job interviews;
  • Talk Shows;
  • music podcasts;
  • And many more.

Although many of us have only recently heard the term podcast, this type of content has been around for a long time. Only in the last few years has it seen explosive growth and is a part of almost every company’s small business marketing plan.

According to Edison Research, the number of Americans who have ever listened to podcasts increased from 24% to 44% from 2017 to 2020. Google has already built podcasts into its search engine, and the company’s new goal is to double its audience worldwide. It would be foolish to dismiss this small business marketing opportunity.

How do I start a podcast and what can it do for you?

Podcasts have become a great opportunity for brands to speak directly to their audience and build trust through the media face (or voice) of the brand. Podcasts seem to be designed to immerse the listener in the atmosphere of cozy gatherings in the kitchen with friends. What makes podcasts so popular with entrepreneurs is therefore above all the opportunity to establish close contact with the audience. Apart from that, there are several ways to monetize podcasts and ensure effective business promotion:

  • advertising integrations;
  • partner projects;
  • crowdfunding;

Still have no idea why you should invest your time and effort into creating podcasts? Let’s talk about the top reasons that make this type of content a good solution for your business.

#1 – Loyalty of your target audience

Podcast listeners are extremely loyal. It is believed that 80% of the audience listens to everything or almost everything you post online with the expectation that a new podcast will come out every week. In general, podcasts appeal to a wealthy, educated, and ambitious audience interested in continued self-education, which is a true marketer’s dream! Hosting a podcast is a great way to reach people with the qualities you need to build an engaged audience.

#2 – Brand Voice

A podcast helps you create and manage your brand identity. It literally becomes the voice of the company. By interviewing or answering calls during a podcast, customers have the opportunity to interact directly with the brand, increasing engagement and building trusting relationships. Building a strong brand voice with a podcast is a great way to gain loyalty and convert listeners into buyers.

#3 – Authority

With podcasts, you can establish yourself as an influencer in your field or activity. Taking the time each week or month to talk about the industry shows your audience that you’re an expert and worthy of their trust. Along with webcam footage and corporate videos, well-crafted podcasts will help you build credibility for your business.

#4 – Trust

Podcasts are perceived as more natural than videos and emphasize brand transparency. Combined with credibility, this transparency cultivates the trust and loyalty of the listener. The interaction between brand and consumer is like a good relationship, which is always based on trust. And a podcast will enable you to achieve that.

#5 – Investments

When people listen to your podcast, they invest some of their time in your business. You can’t just skim it like they do with a company’s blog (unless you’re using podcast transcripts). Even if you drive or do something else, a listener will choose you over hearing something else.

Successful people want to make sure they are spending their time wisely. They use a webcam recorder to record videos they like and watch them again when they have time. The same goes for podcasts.

By the time people access your podcasts, you’ve already got them hooked on something. Such a temporary investment is very rewarding. This is an indicator that people are interested in your business. Such interaction creates a stronger bond with your brand, making it more likely that listeners will soon become your customers.

#6 – Partnership

You can use your podcast to support partners. This is a great way to strengthen professional relationships. You can invite partners as guests or mention their brand or services. This benefits their marketing. In return, they can share your podcast with their customers, which also increases audience attention and trust in you.

#7 – Impact

In terms of impact, podcasts help build brand awareness. They can be easily shared on various social networks and blogs. You’ll also have access to an audience of podcast platforms like Apple’s Spotify that’s constantly looking for new content. You can start engaging your audience simply by talking about topics that interest them. The more actively you share your podcast, the more new and unique potential listeners you reach.

#8 – Win

You can also use your podcast as an additional source of income. There are many ways to monetize your efforts and grow podcast revenue, including through advertising, sponsored products, or partnership deals. In addition, you can also easily direct your listeners to landing pages, encourage conversions and increase sales. It’s a great way to grab your audience’s attention and make your podcast profitable for your business goals.

Use every opportunity you have

The growing demand for audio content makes podcasts an extremely popular content type today. It is becoming increasingly difficult for users to get the content they want from social media feeds. This is where podcasts come in. They offer an opportunity for a brand to show its audience its human face: so people can hear what the employees of a particular company really sound like, what is important to them and what they want to offer.

The American podcast market is valued at $220 million, although it was only $69 million in 2015. Unlike innovative tools (VR, AR, IoT, etc.), creating podcasts does not require significant financial investments. Podcasts are easy to integrate into websites and apps and ensure the highest level of user engagement.

All you have to do is click a push notification, browser notification, or email link and continue driving, working, or cooking dinner. Make sure you’re not using an outdated strategy and that your digital marketing plan addresses the needs and expectations of your key audience. Much luck!

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