An overview of OTC cryptocurrency trading

Since 2018, OTC (Over-The-Counter) capital inflows have become one of the most hotly debated crypto topics. However, these seemingly conflicting stories of an increase in crypto corporate investors have continued to surface even after the end of the crypto bear market.

Financial products such as stocks and derivatives are also included in over-the-counter transactions. OTC desks, brokers and other intermediaries can assist traders in this process without their active involvement.

Signs of an increase in institutional crypto investors have continued to appear after a long period of crypto bear market persistence. Intermediaries like brokers and OTC desks can help traders without requiring them to actively participate in the trading process.

About OTC Cryptocurrency Trading: Digital Currency Decision Makers

When global stock markets were originally introduced, they quickly became a source of media caricatures of a fast-moving atmosphere where money moves at amazing speeds while investors scramble to place orders among hundreds of alternatives.

It used to be common to see Wall Street traders running down the corridors, shouting orders out of their lungs as the value of stocks on the trading floor raced up and down at an incomprehensible speed. At least that was the standard for a long time, until e-commerce caught on.

Stock markets, like other companies, have a closing and opening schedule that limits the time available for trading. This is how OTC came about in the first place. The market surged to unprecedented heights thanks to over-the-counter crypto trading.

Traditional trading hours and centralized exchanges are not the only opportunities for OTC trading. Unlike traditional markets, these transactions take place over the phone or online, allowing investors more flexibility and access to liquidity. Due to OTC crypto, larger deals are more likely to materialize.

This is an obvious benefit of buying stocks outside of an established trading platform, which has fewer regulatory hurdles and allows you to trade international stocks during your local market hours and with less market impact.

The traditional stock market, on the other hand, is the source of these benefits. OTC digital asset trading offers significantly more advantages and control over the market than traditional trading methods.

The Role of OTC in Digital Asset Management

Lit pools and dark pools are two types of OTC trading pools in the crypto industry. Investors can view all bids and offers on the network in a lighted pool that is similar to a traditional stock market. As soon as they submit an offer, it is recorded in the order book and can be viewed by other customers.

On the other hand, dark pools are completely closed marketplaces where only the customer and the platform have access to the information. Institutional investors with large transaction volumes like to use dark pools because there are no visible order books.

Non-exchange traded OTC companies were the main incentive for their entry into the market, solving liquidity difficulties and allowing larger investors, companies and miners to access more efficient liquidity.

A direct connection with the counterparty or a single dealer platform guarantees the price and minimizes the transaction risk, which is typically the case with ordinary exchanges. Larger transactions can be carried out more safely, quickly and reliably thanks to the price guarantee, which reduces counterparty risk and gives investors instant access to their money.

Orders placed through a reputable OTC-based company can mean the difference between a successful business and one that falls short of expectations in the digital asset world.

An added benefit of OTC trading is the ability to trade anonymously. The risk of hacking and order front running increases when large orders are held in exchange order books and are subject to counterparty risk due to pre-margining on those exchanges. OTC trading is completely anonymous, so customers don’t have to worry about being identified as major investors.

Cryptocurrency trading is based on the same principles as traditional OTC trading outside of stock markets. Its financial importance to the crypto market is significantly greater than that of centralized platforms. In reality, there is a huge and anonymous component of all crypto trading volume that is transacted through OTC transactions.

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